Create beautiful forms and surveys using drag and drop.

Empower your organization with automation using the online form builder.

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Drag and Drop Form Builder

Build single page or multi-page forms in minutes and share it with your customers instantly on your website.

Automate your Business

Automate data entry and review process, so that you can drive value and focus your energy where it matters the most.

Flexibility to Expand your App

Handful features for you to create forms such as Contact Forms, Registration Forms, Survey, Booking, Sign Up Forms, etc.

Form Store

Forms Store

Pre-Built Form Templates for you to use and get started. Variety of form templates are available to get started quickly.

Multi-Page Forms

Conditional Logic

The Multi-Page Form and Conditional Logic feature, makes it easier to organize long forms.

Data Integration

Integrate with 500+ Apps

Integrate FormBit with your existing services. Integrate using Zapier App, which requires ZERO coding.


Real-Time Stats

Get high level real-time stats on the responses. Control how you view and receive data.

Exporting Data

Exporting Data

Export Submissions/Responses to CSV, Excel and JSON

Special Fields

Special Fields to Accept Data

Accept data in various formats such as File, Data Grid, Address, Survey, Phone, Text, etc.

What We Do

Simplify CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) via Form Builder

Automate Manual Data Collection

Create forms using Drag and Drop components and start collecting data right away! The submissions collected from the forms can be viewed online or it can integrated with third party services.

Database Sheets Simplified

The ability to collect form data has been simplified; whether it's simple Contact Us Form, Order Processing Form or CRM; FormBit can be used to build simple or complex forms.

Simplify CRUD

FormBit can suppliment CRUD applications, so you can actually focus on product and service development. Building simple CRUD applications can cost you time and money and FormBit compliments the process.

Save time

Our Form Builder is a Drag and Drop intuitive product, that requires ZERO coding! You can also integrate with many third party applications without coding. We are determined to deliver value, by saving you time and money.

Form Builder

Start building your own database forms!

Automate your workflow by integrating submissions/responses with hundreds of third party services.